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The Different Types of Essays Writing


Whenever my current or previous students come to me and ask for essay help, the first question I ask them is what kind of essay they have to write. As a student, you’ll encounter a number of different essays writing forms, each has its own significance and position in the literary world. I have briefly described some of the common essay writing forms, which will help you to have a better idea of the overall construct and flow of your essay writing project.

Descriptive Essays

Starting with the most common ones with which mostly all students will be familiar of.

A descriptive essay, as the name tells, is a descriptive form of writing, where one expresses his/her or other’s views in a descriptive way.

When I say descriptive it means that you have to describe something in sufficient detail and use the third form of speech.

In descriptive essays, the more you read the better you can construct and present. Descriptive essays demand explanations and evidences taken from a number of different literary sources, put together in coherent manner.

Persuasive Essays

Students of humanities and social sciences are generally aware of persuasive form of essay writing, which is also known as Argumentative Essays.

As the term argument has been introduced, it gives a clear idea about the nature and construct of the paper. The writer has to claim an argument related to the field of study and then provide sources that either support or oppose the argument.

It should be noted that a false argument is as good as a one which you were able to defend; the important thing is how you support or negate your own claim

Essay writing services and essay editors pay more attention on how the argument has been supported or denied rather than the argument itself.

Narrative Essays

Novels can be considered as narrative essays, where the art of storytelling is used.

You need to have a plot for your narrative essay, around which you compose your story.

It is not necessary that a narrative essay needs to be narrative throughout. You can even use this form in collaboration to other forms of the essay writing.

For example, you can use narrative essay in a persuasive essay at the beginning to get the attention of your readers and then smoothly make transition to the persuasive form by relating the story with your research argument.

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