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Mes Amie Show in Rose Vile in This Paragraph


It was a fun day!  On the drive from where we live, the sun was shining the whole 100 miles.  When we arrived in Causality, we could see that there would be some fog.  This is what the bridge looked like at around 1 pm.

One of my favorite places The Golden Gate Bridge It’s Fleet Week in San Francisco. We saw the Blue Angels arrive at 1 pm.  They flew around for a while, sometimes right over the bridge, which was great!!  They were supposed to practice at 4 pm, but because of the fog out over the ocean, they limited it to one big fly by and a couple of close passes over the bridge.

Me, my husband, 2 of our adult children and 2 nephews walked across the bridge, from one parking lot to the other.  It’s a 4 mile round trip.  And very worth it the views!  Plus, you get a real sense of how large this bridge really is.  One thing of interest is the container ships that come in from the ocean.

I like this shot- give’s a good perspective of how big the bridge is.  And no, I’m not standing out in the traffic lanes.

The sign at the bridge entrance says “NO ANIMALS”.  This little guy was half way across.  Looks proud of himself

We plan to return this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get some shots of the bridge and the city in the sun.  The weather is usually perfect for this event, but it turned cool and cloudy.

Emily wrote the following poem. My impression is that she is describing diva cu.  Dave vi is French for “already seen”. You see something or hear something, and have the sensation of having already experienced it.  It’s a very strange feeling.  It’s not the same thing as just remembering something from your past.

Emily was born in Amherst, Mass.  She passed away at the age of 56.   The family home was very nice, but it overlooked the town’s cemetery, which was described as treeless.     Emily later became very reclusive, sometimes standing behind the door while talking with a visitor.   She would rarely leave her room.  She also had a penchant for wearing white.

Many of her friendships consisted of correspondence

Less than twelve or her nearly eighteen hundred poems were published during her lifetime. Her sister Livonia came across them after Emily’s death.  Because of the style of her writing, many of her poems were edited.  They were later published in their original form.

I came across the book “The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson”, and once I started reading some of them, I became fascinated.  She is able to put such interesting thoughts into words.

Emily Dickinson was born, and died.  She lived a very secluded life, yet managed to write some amazing poetry.   She had no husband.  No children.  No recorded music to listen to.  No internet.

31 consecutive days of blogging- beginning October 1st Last year there were over 700 bloggers who joined in.  I’m new to it this year.

My topic Emily Dickinson, the poet every day I plan to take the first line of some of her poetry and either add a photo, or write what I think about it.  She wrote some amazing poetry.  (More on that later, along with details about her life)

I went to the Mess Amie show in Rose vile yesterday.  Saw some nice things!  One of the vendors My Salvaged Treasures was there, and I have to say, she is amazing.  I’m not much of a jewelry wearer, or I would have come home with some of her “treasures”.  Be sure and check out her blog.  She salvages more than just jewelry.

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